If this were another one of those Sponsored Posts from a digital marketing “expert”, I would probably start out like everyone else.

I would feature an image of me speaking to some generic crowd, headset on, all TED Talk like. Or maybe a shot of me in my “podcast studio”, microphone boom strategically placed to make me look like an important broadcaster.

Then I would talk about my “best-selling book” while showing you my expensive sports car and luxury mansion in the background (and look like a douche bag doing it).

The “experts” and “gurus” all need to do this because it establishes authority in your mind. It is supposed to make you want to be like them.

Then comes the big offer.

I would tell you about my “revolutionary” system that is changing lives and will make you an internet millionaire overnight if you just pony up the $997 for my exclusive Mastermind course.

That’s when I tell you it’s all because I have “cracked the secret code” to making money online easy and something ANYONE with a laptop can do.

And all of that would be bullsh*t.

The truth is, I am not a best-selling author. Hell, I haven’t sold a single book. But I am the guy who has ghost written a crap ton of them for the experts. They must not have the time.

And I do not position myself as a digital marketing guru or expert in the online communities. Although I have a bunch of clients who you would recognize that call me when they need a sales funnel to work or an ad campaign to convert.

Does that make me the expert by default?

The fact is, I am the quiet entity out there behind many of the sales funnels, books, and campaigns that others take credit for. And until recently, this hasn’t bothered me all that much. The “experts” and “authorities” out there pay good money for me to make them look good.

But I have been hearing from an increasing number of people who have wasted lots of time, money, and effort on courses, tools, and coaching programs that have left them with nothing but broken dreams and disillusionment about making a living online.

That’s because most everyone out there is telling you what you WANT to hear and not what you NEED to hear.

They tell you it’s easy because they think you are stupid enough to believe that success (of any kind) comes fast and without diligent effort.

They tell you that whatever crazy, unproven, non-validated business model you have concocted is just brilliant. All you have to do is learn how to market it. And they will be happy to help you with that.

They think that if they tell you the truth, you won’t buy what they have to sell. And lately, it’s just pissing me off to no end.

Maybe it’s because I am somewhat of an anomaly in the digital marketing community. This virtual laptop world is not where I got my start. Not by a long shot.

I started my entrepreneurial journey about 15 years ago in the brick and mortar world and owned a decent sized company of real people (around 40), buildings you could visit, and face to face sales.

I did fairly well, turning millions of dollars in sales over my career. I celebrated the big wins and suffered the nut punch losses. And it all made me who I am today.

And from all of that came a deep respect and empathy for the entrepreneur. Heck, entrepreneurs are the cowboys of the business world and have more guts, vision, and dedication than anyone else I can think of.

They are also being sold a cheap bag of goods online these days and it simply has to stop. Their numbers are huge and they all deserve better.

That is why I have started a Facebook Group called Digital Comeback. https://www.facebook.com/groups/digitalcomeback/

It is a place for all of us who have bought the snake oil, came up short, and are ready to hit the reset button and do it right. A place where we can all get the support, battle-proven strategies, and tough love that we need to REALLY make it online.

No get rich quick schemes, no fluff “masterclasses”. Just real advice and real support to help each other make the entrepreneurial dream a reality.

Do you feel like a member of our little club already?

Stop by an join us. I would love to see you there.